A common denominator among all of my coaching is relationships is the struggle between the desire to invest in growth and learning, and the constraint of time. In order to be better we must invest in our development – but how do we fit that into our busy schedules? 


In our Get Up & Grow process we set aside time each morning to invest in spirituality, success, health, and soul care. The key is creating SMALL habits, repeated over time, that lead to BIG results. Usually, we recommend reading one chapter of a book each morning to invest in your success and your spirit. Recently, I’ve discovered a more effective way to read more books in less time.   


Blinkist is the latest growth hack I’ve started using that has revolutionized my morning routine. I’m learning more in less time. I’m streamlining my growth habits and loosening that time constraint. Blinkist allows you to understand the key elements of books in just 15 minutes or less. I’m able to digest an entire book during my morning routine. What normally would have taken me 2 weeks to complete now takes two days or less.   


Investing in your growth is necessary, I think we can all agree on that. Blinkist is a way to eliminate the stress of time from making that investment in yourself and your growth.     



Here’s 3 reasons why Blinkist is a game changer for learning:


1. Learn more in less time.

2. Eliminate the struggle of finding what book to read next – they have 4,000+ to choose from!

3. Streamline your morning routine.



In full transparency, I am a Blinkist affiliate and I do see a return on sign-ups through my link. However, I use this product every day and I would highly recommend it whether I was affiliated or not. Your trust is something I value greatly.  


I know most of my readers, like me, value getting better each day. We understand the importance of taking ownership of our own success and development. I can tell you first hand that Blinkist makes all of that easier.   


You can sign up for your own Blinkist account here.        





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