What do you say about yourself? As pastors, we spend a lot of time encouraging and leading those entrusted to our care. We speak life over the people around us, but what do we say about ourselves? Are we negative or do we dwell on the positive? Is every day a struggle or do we rejoice in the God-given opportunities to grow? [bctt tweet="Is every day a struggle or do we rejoice in the God-given opportunities to grow?" username="dukematlock"] Craig Groeschel says that our lives move in the direction of our strongest thoughts. What we think and say has power! But this is more than a spiritual truth, it is also psychologically proven. Research shows that what you say about yourself has a direct relationship with your ability to perform. Positive affirmations have the ability to shift your perspective and remind you that you have the ability to succeed. It is human nature to forget; when the challenges of life come along, we often feel that there is no way we are going to make it. We have made too many mistakes or dropped the ball too many times. The reality is, however, that there is always another chance. We are constantly growing and developing; we get better every single day. Positive affirmations remind you of these truths. What you say about yourself becomes what you believe about yourself. [bctt tweet="What you say about yourself becomes what you believe about yourself." username="dukematlock"] We cannot afford to let our emotions rule us. We must learn to order our emotions. The best way to do this is to speak life. I coach all of my clients to make a list of daily affirmations. As a part of their morning routine, they speak positivity and life over themselves. Let your daily affirmations become reminders of who you are in Christ, what God has created you to do, and the victory that comes through the finished work of Jesus. I know this can be difficult. It can feel awkward to make this kind of a list about yourself. In an effort to help you overcome this, I’ve included ten of my own personal affirmations below; this is not a comprehensive list. This is simply to give you an idea of where to start. Feel free to use these as jumping point for your own.

  • I am a Christian. My relationship with Jesus influences every decision I make and my life brings him glory.
  • I live in a manner that inspires my children to want to follow me as I follow Jesus.
  • I get up and show up every day.
  • I solve big problems.
  • I prepare myself through continual learning to be a resource for my clients in the challenges they face.
  • I have new innovative ideas to grow.
  • I am prosperous. I freely give to God and others making generosity an active core value.
  • I am an invisible leader. I focus on impact instead of fame. I am not concerned with who gets the credit.
  • I am a content, hopeful optimist. Success is a familiar friend.
  • My work comes to me. I have financial security.
  • I am a friend and have wonderful friends.
  • I produce resources to help others grow and succeed.
  • I am an encourager.
Trust me, there will be days that you do not believe these things about yourself. We all face discouragement. But those are the days that we need these affirmations the most. Order your emotions, tell yourself the truth. Speak life and find security in your identity in Christ.  


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