Voices surround us and speak into us every single day, whether we like it or not. Some are cunning voices, like the messaging we’re inundated with in advertising on social media and on television that can cause us to struggle with comparison and envy. Some are more sought after, strong voices of friends and mentors that lift us and call us up to our true identity as leaders. Either way, none of these voices, prominent as they are, have the power to overwhelm your own unique voice, what you say to yourself, and what God says about you. This is why daily affirmations are a critical principle to achieving success.

To affirm something or someone means to declare, attest, or vow that a truth is firmly in place. When we speak things that are seemingly not as though they were, we are calling out of our true selves the person we long to become and placing the value of truth upon that revelation. What could getting up every morning and speaking affirmations over your life do for your ministry, your organization, your personal life, your marriage?

When you see something in your life you want to be different, it might be time to add an affirmation. Without daily affirmations, we allow the voices in our world to define us and decide not only who we are, but who we will become. That is the reason we can not live solely on the praises of others nor allow our inner selves to die by their criticism. Only you have the ultimate power to allow a voice to have influence over your life or not.

So, ask yourself: who is your ideal self? How do you then turn your desired identity into practical daily affirmations and speak that truth over your life? Oftentimes, clarity can also come by finding the right word for an affirmation. Having a word for yourself based on scripture for a year, a season, or a situation can change the direction of your thoughts and subsequently the direction of your very life. This is where coaching and mentoring can have a particularly strong influence in your life. By being an active participant in your growth, you come alongside a coach or mentor who can help you pin down that word of affirmation. What will you do with it and how will you use it as a tool in your growth?


1. Decide which voices are allowed to speak into your identity.

2. Develop a list of daily affirmations based on who you want to become in your personal, professional, and spiritual life and start speaking them.

3. Partner with a coach or mentor to help you identify your blind spots and drill down your affirmation list so that it is unique to you. 


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