During the previous 12 months, we have all acquired some junk in our lives, both physically, spiritually, and mentally. Agreed? One way I love to begin each new year is with a spiritual fast. For one, this helps me regain my focus on why I am doing what I do. The reasons may be different for each of us, but, the outcome will all be the same: Clarity, focus, decluttered lives, and clean hearts. We do not set out on a fast of any type to get something, but we do so to give control back to the one who really owns it all! This list is certainly not an all-inclusive list of reasons to begin the new year with a spiritual fast, but it is my list of reasons. You will thank yourself after you complete it Here’s why we should begin the new year with a spiritual fast: Give Your Body a Break:¬†Sweet potato casserole anyone? Oh my goodness. The holidays have indeed given our diets and fitness plans a run for the money! Beginning the new year with a spiritual fast will give our body a break from the heavy hitting, fatty foods we have ingested over the past several months (or year). You may find it leads to the formation of some new habits that will ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with that! Practice Self-Denial: What does our flesh want? What is our natural tendency as human beings? More. We want more stuff, more things, more money, there’s never a natural tendency to say, “Ok, I have had enough!” Self-denial is a practice we must embrace to experience contentment and fulfillment. Beginning the new year with a spiritual fast is an excellent way to practice self-denial and start your new year off on the right foot. Focus Your Spiritual Energy on New Year Goals: With a world of constant connectivity through smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other technology, our energy is often diverted and divided in very harmful ways. It was once said, “You cannot chase two rabbits and expect to catch either,” Author Unknown. In fact, we know from experience if our attention is divided on multiple projects, we are likely to slip in one area or the other. For the new year, why not start fresh. Why not begin with a spiritual fast and focus your spiritual energy on the goals you have set. Give Priority to Spirit over Flesh: When we allow the flesh to make the decisions, to rule our life, we find ourselves in often adverse situations. Why do we eat natural food? To feed our flesh, correct? To live, to sustain life, sure. It is not the fact of eating that is ever a negative issue, it is the problem of overeating, overindulging, and ingesting foods beyond moderation. Beginning the new year with a spiritual fast will allow you to give the priority back to the spirit over the flesh. This is an excellent way to start the new year. Acknowledges God’s Preeminence in Your Life: If you just need one reason, this is the reason. We get busy in life. Why? Because life is just busy! During our coming and going we tend to forget who is ultimately in charge. Beginning the new year with a spiritual fast allows us to line back up with our Creator, acknowledging His preeminence in our lives. If you have ever taken part in a fast of any type, you know the benefits of it. There are many. Maybe you have never considered beginning the new year with a spiritual fast, but, for me, it is like hitting a reset button. It cleans out all the junk and realigns who we are, with our Creator. From the entire team here, we wish you a very prosperous and Happy New Year!   ]]>

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