Whether you realize it or not, you are a leader. Even if you don’t have a title, we are all leading in some capacity. It could be a friend, your family, or on a larger scale maybe you are leading an organization, church, or small business. Whatever sphere you find yourself in, God has called you to be a leader. But what truly marks a great leader? Often we equate people to what they do. We assume someone is a leader maybe because of their position, title, and the success on their lives. But that’s not what marks the life of a leader. Leadership is much more about who we are than what we do. You can have great charisma, be successful, and have the title of a leader but lack the true qualities that mark every great leader.

We can often get caught up in what we do, we miss out on what matters most. God is far more concerned about who we are becoming than what we become. The process of becoming a great leader never ends. We are on a journey of life that never ends. As long as we are on this earth, we will be growing. So what are the qualities that mark a great leader? Although we could name many more, we believe these are 3 of the most important that will help you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Positivity

Every leader must have a positive spirit. Not only does this benefit our own lives, but all of those we are around. When we are positive, this does not mean we are unaware of life’s hardships. It just means we know how to find the good in every situation. It means walking in peace when it doesn’t make sense and leading others into a place of peace in their own lives.

2. Motivation

Great leaders motivate and empower others. They become the best cheerleader for their teams and speak life and hope over others constantly. They listen before giving feedback and they believe the best in others.

3. Communication

This quality will help us in every area of our lives. It affects how we parent, lead our teams, and how we interact with people in our every day lives.

Lastly, great leaders never stop growing. They are committed to the process of growth and never graduate from learning. You were born for this and have everything you need to become the leader you are called to be. 


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