You made it. Welcome to 2021. The page has turned, a new chapter has begun, and you have been given a clean slate. Remember when we all couldn’t wait for 2020? The year of “vision” the year of “Promises fulfilled.” Well, how many of you feel that the year met your expectations? Didn’t think so. We can all agree that it was a year like no other, but we all know that so I won’t spend time on that. We’re moving forward, forgetting the past, and looking forward to what is to come.

2020 was the year of vision. Sometimes we need the shaking to get clear on what matters most, who we are, and where we want to go. The shaking and trials ultimately refine us and refine where we are going. Are you willing now, to lean into all that has been revealed to you and use that to fuel your fire to now begin a new process of growth? Are you ready to take advantage of this clean slate? Now is not the time to sit back and go on autopilot now that we finally made it past 2020. Yes, it is also a time to pause, reflect, pray, and fast for clarity moving into a new year, but then, it’s time to take action. This month, we’re going to be releasing a new article every Friday centered around growth. And we’re covering multiple topics.


  • Mental health
  • Spiritual health
  • Business, ministry, and leadership 
  • Relationships 


To live balanced, we need to be growing in all areas, not just one. I mean just imagine if you set a goal to only grow your arms this year. You focused solely on exercises to grow your biceps, just imagine what you would look like by the end of the year. Okay, now let’s move on from that mental image… In the same way, if all we focus on is growth in our business, our family will suffer. If we all focus on is growth in our ministry, our mental health and soul will suffer. We need to work on every area of our lives to thrive this year.

That’s why we will be taking the approach in this series on “skipping stones” rather than throwing in the giant boulder at once. We want to start with small, steady steps. Because small goals, small steps, done with consistency is what ultimately leads to the greatest growth in our lives, for the long haul. My vision for all that I do as a coach is to see you succeed. I want to see you thrive, and finish your race well. I’m glad to have you along in this journey, praying you are filled with expectancy today for all that is to come. Your best days are ahead. Get ready, God has a good plan up his sleeve.

Take advantage of your clean slate!


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