Changing paradigms can lead to a drastic performance improvement in our lives. But, first let’s define a paradigm; it’s a pattern. Our current paradigm is the pattern composed of our habits. It doesn’t have to be necessarily “big” habits either. Our current standard is often composed of the little habits that lead to our regular, everyday behavior. The things we do, every single day, shape our present reality. Things such as how we begin our mornings, whether we have a consistent schedule to keep, or are we spontaneous and not consistent. Patterns decide outcomes and deliver security. The way to create a new paradigm is to make new habits. What is a habit? According to, a habit is an acquired behavior pattern followed until it becomes almost involuntary. What kind of patterns to we have, and what kind of practices can we change, to lead to a more positive paradigm in our life? The habits we want are Small, Smart, and Actionable. Meaning, we want our goals to be small, like skipping a rock across the glass-like water. We want our habits to be smart; meaning, we want our habits to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. What habits can you change? We cannot remove the bad habits without replacing it with something positive and reinforcing.   Here are some examples of small, smart, and actionable habits:  

  1. Read 10 pages every day
  1. Go for a walk every morning
  1. Drink plenty of water daily
  1. Contact a family member or friend daily.
  Through many years of life experience and research, we have identified some key steps to a new paradigm in our lives. They are as follows:  

Identify the “Why”

Without oversimplifying this step, let’s ask ourselves one question: Why are we pursuing what we are pursuing? When we can define the “why” behind our goals, ambitions, and actions, the motivating factors become much clearer.

Set the goals

While this may require some time invested on our part, it is possibly one of the most critical steps in the process. We recommend the “SMART” goals process of establishing our goals and objectives.

Design the habits

Through consistent, repeated, positive behavior, we can create better habits in our lives. It will not occur overnight, nor will it be a quick fix. This process takes time. Have a plan in place to counter the negative habits of the past and prepare yourself for success.

Consistently Execute

Have you begun to notice a common thread here? Consistency is key. Regardless of whatever it is you are pursuing, be it weight loss, creating healthier eating habits, or other goals and objectives, the key is being consistent in the actions and execution. Be consistent in the manner in which you execute the actions you have identified as necessary to be successful in changing the paradigm in your life.   When we identify our areas of needed improvement, we gain a bit more clarity in the direction we need to move in changing the habits and creating the paradigm shift we desire. In a society in which we are constantly bombarded with opportunities and temptations to indulge in instant satisfaction and fulfillment, being consistent in developing new, active, and healthy habits will certainly not be easy. It will require self-control and self-discipline. Knowing some of the key points to consider, what will you do with your current patterns of behavior? Will you commit to making the necessary adjustments in your life to reach the goals and dreams you have in mind? We would love to hear from you. If you are committed to making the necessary changes in your life, would you respond to us and let us know? We would love to provide support and other ideas to ensure your success! This article was originally published on ]]>

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