Over the last few weeks, we have laid the foundation for our Worker Realization Model. If you have missed any of our posts in the series, you can check those out here. Now that we understand volunteer motivation, we can move on and take the first step in the Worker Realization Model: Inspire. Have you ever heard someone tell a story that moved you to your core? Perhaps you heard a testimony from a missionary that detailed the work they are doing in a way that not only captured your attention, but caused you to pull out your wallet and make a commitment to support them financially. I have had those moments, but I believe it was more than just their storytelling that impacted me. I was moved by their mission and inspired by their vision. I gave because I believed in what they were working towards. I wanted an opportunity to be a part of what God was doing in their corner of the world. If we want to build healthy teams, we must first communicate a strong vision. I read an article recently that described a healthy vision as “one that focuses action, provides direction, and inspires your stakeholders in all parts of life to move in a direction you choose.” We may not have stakeholders, but we do have volunteers. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a strong vision.

  1. Vision should focus action.

    Your vision should point to something specific. Your mission will be the same across your church, but each department and team will have a specific goal. The accomplishment of that goal is your vision.
  1. Vision should provide direction.

    One of the first questions a new volunteer will ask is, “What do you need me to do?” Your vision should create specific opportunities to serve. Volunteers will want something to put their hands to; your vision should provide specific direction.
  1. Vision should inspire.

    Just like the missionary whose story moves you to open your wallet, your vision should move your team to action. Your volunteers should be inspired, motivated, and excited to move forward. Vision should create momentum.
[bctt tweet="Vision should create momentum." username="dukematlock"] Inspired volunteers can move mountains and do the impossible. They are willing to pull out all the stops. An inspired team shows up with excellence. I have always said that people will work for a paycheck, but they will die for a cause. Your volunteers won’t be working for a paycheck, so make sure your vision is a cause worth committing to. [bctt tweet="An inspired team shows up with excellence." username="dukematlock"]  


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