Coaching.001Coaching has the ability to focus your desire to grow as a leader and as a person into goals and actionable steps. Coaching is for leaders, ministers, business owners, parents or anyone else wanting to:

  • Accelerate growth
  • Tackle tough challenges
  • Increase innovation
  • Prepare for what’s next
  • Maintain momentum
  • Set and reach important goals

We provide coaching in five key areas: leadership coaching, life fulfillment coaching, executive coaching, team coaching, and cohorts.

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Leadership Coaching 

Leadership coaching is focused mainly on professional development. We will begin with an Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment. This tool will aid us in creating a baseline of your team leadership skills.  Our beginning work will focus on those skills and their development. We will also look at your growth plan and personal/leader development strategy, as well as your schedule and routines. Once these early steps are complete, we will move on to your work product directly. In each conversation, you will bring a topic for us to coach around. Typically, my clients notice a quantifiable increase in productivity and outcomes. Leadership coaching is typically done via phone, Zoom, or in a round table format.

Life Fulfillment Coaching

Life Fulfillment coaching is designed around my Life Fulfillment Formula and is focused on your personal development. Quite often, we pursue ideals such as happiness or success, but the definitions of those things are constantly changing. What most people really want is to have fulfillment, to inhabit a place where we feel accomplished and content. I am convinced that if we can find a sense of security and satisfaction with our place in life, where we allow ourselves room to grow and yet feel like we are where we are meant to be and living out our purpose; then we will have found the key to happiness. Fulfillment coaching will help you discover your values, your passions, and your design which, when tied together, lead to a fulfilled life. Fulfillment coaching is typically done via phone or skype.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for organizations who want to target coaching for a select few key players. Leaders, managers and key contributors who work with a coach will identify what’s next in terms of goals, growth, and desired results. With a clear sense of direction established, the client will work with their coach bi-weekly to help identify the highest leverage actions for moving closer to their goals while maintaining momentum.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is focused on developing productive, healthy habits within your organization. As an authorized and certified partner with the Wiley Corporation, I have the ability to facilitate both The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC Workplace Assessments. These profiles will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team, allowing you to see opportunities for growth. I will also work with you to identify the needs and culture of your team. Each Team Coaching Process is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Many clients choose to combine leadership coaching with team coaching, as this pairing produces accelerated growth. This type of coaching can be done on your campus or virtually.

Round-table Exchange Coaching

This type of coaching is a monthly, three-hour, high impact meeting. Participants in the Round-table Exchange meet with eight to twelve people with similar backgrounds and fields. The first hour is a leadership training session. The second hour is a time for group members to bring an issue that they are facing to the table. Coaching is used to tap the corporate genius of the group to deliver accelerated progress. Finally, the third hour is about success and wins. Participants have the opportunity to share what works. This affords everyone new insight to apply in their own organization. In Round-table Exchange Coaching, you will receive training, coaching, and insight from your peers.

Interested in Coaching?

Coaching has the ability to revolutionize your life personally and professionally. If you would like to find out more about coaching, there are a few different ways to take the next step.

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