Get Up & Grow: 21 Habits of Successful People


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When we strike gold, we keep digging.

When we meet the love of our life, we pursue them.

When we are offered our dream job, we take it!

We have no problem expoiting the resources around us, but for some reason we struggle to exploit the resources within us. Make no mistake: you are your greatest resource! No amount of money, status, or external success will ever be of greater value than the potential that lies within you.

In Get Up and grow, Duke Matlock utilizes over 30 years of pastoring and coaching to help you invest in youself. He understands the importance of maximixing productivity through working smarter instead of harder. Drawing from his own hard earned lessons about growth and leadership, Matlock has identified 21 habits that, when implemented, will maximize productivity, create the space for overall health, and increase leadership capcity for anyone looking to maximize their potential.


 You will have GREATER FOCUS

 You will get MORE DONE in LESS TIME

 You will better BETTER TOMORROW than you are today

 You will be HEALTHIER

 You will increase your LEADERSHIP CAPACITY

 You will grow CLOSER TO GOD


"Get Up & Grow is a book that is right for anyone who has chosen to move forward. Duke Matlock brings his experience of three decades of coaching people to Get Up & Grow. This book gives you step by step principles that will not only inspire you but will guide you into the next phase of your wonderful life."

-Tim Storey (

"Every person hopes to be successful. But true success requires more than 'hope'. Get Up & Grow provides a clear daily plan that, if followed, will open the door to the extraordinary success that eludes the wanderers."

- Dan Miller, Author and Coach (

"Duke Matlock's is a voice of refreshing practicality. Refusing to serve up freeze-dried theories, Matlock opts instead for a brand of straight forward, down to earth, 'listen to the old ball coach' kind of teaching that just makes you want to listen."

-Mark Rutland, Ph.D., The National Institute of Christian Leadership

"Even champions need a coach. My good friend Duke Matlock's book, Get Up & Grow, will help you employ the habits of successful people. Champions do daily what the average occasionally do. This book will help you win." 

-Neil Kennedy, Five Star Man

"Duke Matlock is one of the best leadership coaches in the country. His straightforward rhetoric and personable style are not only attractive but effective. A lot of experts teach on theory, but Duke's teachings are based on his personal experiences and the leaders he has coached. I've personally watched leaders be transformed by Duke's wisdom, teachings, and leadership. If you want to move forward as a leaders and get to the next level - learn from Duke."

-Trinity Jordan, Attorney and Author of Sabotage: How Insecurity Destroys Everything

"Duke Matlock has written a fantastically practical book for leaders who are ready to take their life and vision to the next level! Get Up and Grow is a map for success and victory. The Bible says in Psalms 37:23, "The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives." This book will help you follow the plan that God has for you! This book is long overdue, especially for those like me who always had great passion, but needed to get the basics of discipline in place. I highly recommend this book!" 

-Patrick Schatzline, Evangelist and Author, Remnant Ministries International

"Growing into the person you want to be (and that God designed you to be) is not easy, but it is possible. In the chapters of Duke’s book, you’ll find insight, advice and a doable plan for growth. Let Duke coach and encourage you toward success."

-Chad Hall, President, Coach Approach Ministries



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Duke Matlock is an inspirational speaker, growth and success coach, and leadership consultant. He is the founder of Invest Leadership Initiative, where he helps leaders facing personal and organizational challenges develop and grow by investing in themselves, assuring the realization of success and life fulfillment. Duke and his wife Kelley raised three daughters, Jennifer, McKenzie and Logan. They now live in Central Florida with Duke's best friend Guapo, the American Bulldog.

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