Unconventional Ways to Fix Your Focus



A Harvard study found that people spend almost half of their day with a wandering mind; that means focusing on something other than what they’re currently supposed to be doing.

Distractions are detrimental to your productivity, and make it easier to feel overwhelmed by the tasks sitting in front of you. But if you suffer from a lack of focus, don’t lose hope!

I’ve written blog posts about distractions before with practical ways to rid yourself of them, most of which involve putting down your cell phone.  According to the article, The 6-Step Process to Train Your Brain to Focus, there are a few other ways to stay focused — some you may not have thought about before: (more…)

The Re-Engagement Process: How to Recover Productivity



It’s flu season, which means it’s not uncommon to have people missing work due to unforeseen sickness. This month, my content manager McKenzie missed work for three days for that exact reason.

From a boss’ perspective, it can be very frustrating. Unlike vacation days, which are set farther in advance and are readily prepared for, sickness usually comes unexpectedly and can set off an entire team, even an organization!

We’re a small team here, so when someone is out, we feel it. McKenzie has a huge role in our organization, so her absence wasn’t easy.

And while the boss feels frustrated, the employee feels guilty for leaving their boss hanging. They can’t help that they’re sick — something that’s understood on both sides — but it doesn’t make the situation any less inconvenient.

So, how do you re-engage after being out of work for several days? And if you’re the boss, how do you create a space for positive re-engagement on your team?

Your reaction to the unexpected will be dependent on your willingness to (strategically) roll with the punches.

Here are some things we discovered will help alleviate re-engagement stress: (more…)

3 Ways to Get More Done: Avoiding Distractions



Sometimes it feels like our days are ruling us, not the other way around. We have this huge to-do list and just “not enough hours in the day” to comfortably leave work at the office and go home for the day.

But what if I told you there was a way to get more done during the day … in the same amount of time you’re working with now.

It doesn’t require huge life changes or a large commitment. It’s simply creating three new, small habits during your work day. All of which revolve around getting rid of distractions.

Three ways to get more done during the day: (more…)