5 Simple Steps to Increase Giving

Increase Giving

I have the great privilege of working with Pastors and Christian Entrepreneurs from all over the US. Each with its own settings ranging from Small Rural Churches to urban Megachurches. Each Pastor sets on the agenda for each call. The ideas and next steps from each call is theirs, they own them. This year while on a call Vince Spencer out lined an approach to giving in his church that worked. He Pastors a medium sized Church in a rural setting. I asked him to be a guest blogger for today. Today’s post is for Pastors. Here is what he wrote.

My name is Vince Spencer. I’m the Lead Pastor of New Life Church in Chipley, Florida. Our church’s giving had dropped. Attendance was up, morale was up, but giving was down. As you could imagine, I was puzzled by this. I started praying and brought Duke into the situation in one of my coaching sessions. We worked through some ideas and developed a strategy to see New Life’s giving increase, and it did. It took a few weeks to see noticeable results, but over a period of three months we saw over a 10% increase and it continues to grow! Here are 5 simple steps we implemented that led us to a significant increase in giving at New Life: (more…)

Using the OKR Method to Achieve Your Goals

OKR Method Goals


If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you know we talk a lot about goal setting around here. Setting goals that are met using new, healthy habits is the only way to truly grow.

In John Doerr’s Ted Talk “Why the secret to success is setting the right goals,” John discusses the secret to success: Objectives and Key Results, or OKR. This goal setting method was created by businessman, author, and engineer Andy Grove. While John Doerr was studying under Andy Grove, he told John “it does not matter what you know, execution is what matters most.” If you don’t go about achieving your goals in the right way, things may not turn how how you envisioned. Growth doesn’t just happen because you declared a few goals.

Andy’s OKR system was created to correct the wrongs that have previously plagued goal setters around the world. It’s a way to help goal setters aren’t just shooting in the dark, but are actively thinking about the method to and execution of their intentional goals. Let’s walk through it… (more…)

How to Avoid Burning Out and Take Care of Yourself

 Burning Out


The term “self care” can have a somewhat weird connotation in today’s society. But the premise of it is still important. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and and forget to take time for yourself. However, being overworked doesn’t make for an efficient and clear-minded leader. According to Nabil El-Ghoroury, “a stressed out CEO is not going to be an efficient CEO.” Not taking time for your mental wellbeing amongst the stress of everyday life will only result in burning out and possibly shutting down. (more…)