Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors – Part 6: Wrapping Up

 Simple Productivity Plan


It’s hard to believe we have already come to the end of this series. Over the last six weeks, we have discussed a simple productivity plan for maximizing productivity that I believe can change your life. Your ministry needs you to perform with excellence; the people God has entrusted to your care need you to show up well. This simple productivity plan is your opportunity to do just that.

In case you missed any of our previous posts, here’s a quick run down of the Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors.  (more…)

Finding Your Safe Place

Safe Place

Where do you go to find calm?

Think hard.

Imagine: Life is coming at you at every angle. Everyone wants something from you. You feel like you can’t even hear yourself think—or maybe you can’t stop thinking long enough to get some sleep.

Where will you go?

In those times of stress, it’s important to find your safe place. The place that helps you refocus, recenter, and destress.

It’s important to find your safe place. The place that helps you refocus, recenter, and destress. Click To Tweet

This “place” doesn’t have to be a physical space. Maybe, like me, your safe place is your family. Or, maybe it is a certain room in your home.

How do you build that place? I think these three questions will help you get started: (more…)

Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors – Part 5: Look Ahead

Look Ahead

We are coming close to the end of our 50-10-01 Productivity Plan breakdown. It’s hard to believe we’ve already covered so many different things! Last week in particular was incredibly important. Taking a few days a month to disconnect and look at the big projects you have on the horizon will make all the difference in how you show up. Set aside two days a month to look ahead and you will be amazed at your ability to perform with excellence. But like I mentioned last week, there are two different types of disconnect days. The first was the two days we spend in the office, working on big events, projects, and tasks at hand. The second type, however, is crucial for you to lead your church and ministry well.

I have always believed the in taking a few days every quarter, out of town and out of the office, to pray and seek God. You cannot lead your church if you do not know (more…)

How a Leader Rests: A Five-Week Series

Leader Rests


How does a leader rest?

Sometimes, it feels like the question is: How can a leader rest?

How can a leader rest when there’s so much to do? When there are so many people counting on them? When their home-life is in a state of chaos?

Rest is essential in leadership for a lot of reasons: (more…)