Becoming an Invisible Leader: Being Famous vs Being Great



You may have noticed by now that becoming an invisible leader isn’t easy. In fact, it goes against our natural human instincts!

Giving without receiving doesn’t come naturally to any of us … and neither does letting someone else get the credit. But if you’re looking to be a leader whose impact outlasts their time here on earth — one who is called to a higher purpose than just being “in charge” — it’s important to fight against those natural human tendencies.

Another step to becoming an invisible leader is deciding whether you want to be famous or great. In other words, is your leadership based on recognition or impact?

Ministry Monday: Consistency Over Everything


Imagine with me that you were planting a church. Over the last few months, you have held interest meetings, you have built your team, you have advertised and marketed your first service in the community. You chose a meeting time and place; you have invited people to your new church. Months of build up have led to your first service. But on that first Sunday, you sleep through your alarm and miss the service. What would happen to all of the people who showed up to be a part of your new church only to find you were not there? What would happen if the doors were locked, the parking lot was closed, and none of your team was there to welcome them? I can tell you that if I was one of those people, I would never come back. I would no longer trust you; as a matter of fact, I would be angry with you for wasting my time. The reality is that no matter how good you are, if you aren’t consistent, people will not trust you. You can be an amazing leader, but if you don’t show up when you say you will, follow through on your promises, and act consistently, no one will follow you. Consistency is the most important part of your ministry. (more…)

Becoming an Invisible Leader: Giving Without Expectation


Remember in my first post when I talked about James Boyd and Bernard Allen? They were volunteers in a camping program I grew up in called Royal Rangers. I can’t find the right amount of words to thank them for the impact they made on my life at a young age … and they probably didn’t expect me to.

How could these men ever be repaid for what they meant in the life of a child? They never asked for gas money or showed an expectation of return value. It would seem the value returned to them was the significance of their service.

Have you ever had someone like that in your life? Maybe when you were younger. Someone who donated their time, money or resources to you without any expectation of getting something in return.

This is one of the steps to becoming an invisible leader. (more…)