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Blinkist_BrandI love to read. At times I become somewhat overwhelmed with how many books there are. How do I choose? Some time ago, I started using this app that offers book summaries. It breaks down the salient points of the book into what it calls blinks. The total of these blinks can be read in fifteen minutes. What makes this particular app unique is that it also offers that same book summary in audio form. I can listen to it while I drive in my car. I don’t use this to replace reading the book, but it really helps me sort out which book I want to read.


Weekly Recommend


I’ve used Hootsuite to manage my social media for quite some time, and I have yet to come across a full-featured social media manager I like more. The advanced analytics on each social media account, user friendly auto-scheduler, which allows you to choose when and where you schedule your posts in advance, and the desktop function that allows you to see all of your social media at a glance are just a few of my favorite features.



If you’re looking for an incredibly user friendly e-mail service for your internet marketing, I recommend MailChimp. It features a lengthy list of e-mail templates, prompt customer service, accurate analytics, and an easy-to-use interface. I use MailChimp to collect data, create lists, and send marketing e-mails.

Sunrise Calendar

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Recently, I discovered the Sunrise Calendar and it has revolutionized the way I schedule appointments. Once you have downloaded the app and followed the instructions, the Sunrise Calendar operates as a keyboard on your smartphone. You will have the ability to text multiple meeting time options to the person you are scheduling along with a link. This link will sync the chosen meeting time to both of your calendars, eliminating any and all confusion.

Sunrise Calendar makes scheduling appointments seamless and easy. It also syncs with Evernote and is compatible with all calendars.





Evernote is one of my favorite programs to use. It operates like online filing cabinet, allowing me to not only organize and search key terms, but also send documents quickly and easily. It even gives me the ability to save entire webpages. My family is even using Evernote to trade ideas and webpages for my oldest daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Evernote syncs with most other productivity tools I use on a daily basis, including the Sunrise Calendar and the LiveScribe pen. Evernote makes document sharing and storing simple and easy.