Can you guess one of the key aspects of rest a lot of people steer clear from? It’s fun! Fun and family should serve a huge role in your times of rest. If you’re skeptical about that statement, I encourage you to hear me out on this one. First, fun and family mean different things to different people. One person’s “fun” is not everybody’s sense of the word. What’s considered fun to you and the people you call family? For our family, every Christmas we dump a huge puzzle out on the dining room table and spend hours putting it together. It’s become a fun family tradition. If puzzles sound like a nightmare to you, it probably isn’t your version of fun and I don’t suggest forcing anyone to do it with you. But I do encourage you to define your family’s fun traditions. Our family also tries to go on a family vacation once every year to unwind and refresh. (You puzzle-haters might want to consider that option if your finances will allow it!) In his book Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done, Jon Acuff describes the importance of fun in setting goals, and I think the same information applies to rest:

We tend to take our goals very seriously. We also tend to think they have to be difficult or boring to count. Why do you think so many people who hate running choose running as their mode of exercise? Why couldn’t they go dancing? Or on a walk with a friend? Or play ping pong? We assume that a goal can’t be fun or full of joy.

We decided to test that theory though. We wanted to know if fun had an ROI. It turns out it does. People who make their goals fun were 46% more successful. The key, of course, is that you have to be deliberate about making it fun. There are a lot of goals that are not inherently fun. You have to be intentional if it’s going to work. (3 Tips for Finishing What You Start)

Fun has a good return on investment — and don’t forget it! Fun helps us refresh and refocus on what and who’s important. Another thing Jon mentioned that we should keep in mind is that fun has to be intentional. If you aren’t including intentional fun in your routine, you might not be resting well! [bctt tweet="Fun helps us refresh and refocus on what and who’s important." username="dukematlock"] I challenge you to schedule some family fun time into your week this week and for the holiday season.  


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