Staying Encouraged on Your Emotional Intelligence Journey

Emotional Journey


Before we conclude our series on emotional intelligence, I want to leave you with some encouragement … as you work on developing some of these competencies, remember: it’s not about being the best and brightest, it’s about being balanced.

It’s not about being the best and brightest, it’s about being balanced. Click To Tweet

Everyone’s road to better emotional intelligence is paved differently; some require more time than others. But the work and effort put into developing emotional intelligence will always pay off in the end. Even people with excellent leadership capacity should strive to better understand the areas of EQ they can stand to grow in. So don’t feel bad if you feel like you have a lot to learn.

Because my team is so passionate about the importance of emotional intelligence, we put together an infographic that you can download hereIt’s a good summary of all we’ve learned over the past several weeks, and I hope it serves as a healthy EQ reminder for you.

And, if you’ve found yourself seeking more help in the area of EQ, I’d love to discuss coaching opportunities with you. Daniel Goleman mentioned in one of his HBR articles  that, “Coaching is the most effective method for improving in areas of EI deficit. Having expert support during your ups and downs as you practice operating in a new way is invaluable.”

You can find more information about coaching here.

I hope this series has been useful to you as you continually work on becoming the best leader you can be!




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