Enemies of Growth: Ego vs Confidence



There’s a fine line between confidence as a leader and having a large ego. Ego and pride go hand in hand, while confidence is often associated with a clear vision.

Ego and pride go hand in hand, while confidence is often associated with a clear vision. Click To Tweet

Sometimes we mistake ego with confidence. If we truly believe we can do everything well on our own — that’s just how confident we are in ourselves!

But ego, not confidence, often leads to isolation. Most people aren’t excited to work with someone who thinks they know it all, and someone who thinks they know it all doesn’t make an effort to work with those people either.

But before I tell you how to combat the first enemy of our series, it’s important to understand whether or not you’re leading with confidence … or with ego. Be honest with yourself as you self-evaluate. (more…)

Meet the Enemies of Growth



A key practice in leadership development is being able to own up to mistakes. In an effort to “practice what I preach,” I want to own up to a minor blunder in our editorial calendar.

Last week’s “Ego” post was the first post of a series we never actually introduced. We were supposed to start the series with the introduction below, but the two posts got switched around. How fitting that this mistake is centered around a post all about pride, huh?

Because of this, we’re restarting the series the way it was intended. Starting with “Meeting the Enemies of Growth.”

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


While personal growth drives the heart of success, whatever “success” might look like for you, there are a few key things that could be holding you back. 

The cool thing about personal growth is just that — it’s personal. You have the ability to work on your own growth, at your own pace, in whatever season of life you may be in. Some seasons require more growth than others.

But, the enemies of growth work the same way; these enemies are things you can choose to control … or choose not to control. Different from outside circumstances or other people, enemies of growth are things within you (and you only) that can often go unchecked you aren’t intentional.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving a new level of personal improvement. That’s why it’s important to recognize the possible roadblocks that could keep you from seeing the results you desire on your journey towards growth.

If you’ve been following me for a while, this all may sound familiar. That’s because last year I wrote a blog post about the 5 Enemies of Growth. In that post, I gave you a rundown of the five enemies with a brief explanation of what each of them were; but this time, I want to go a step further and help you identify these enemies in your own life, and then create an action plan to help you defeat them. (more…)

Unconventional Ways to Fix Your Focus



A Harvard study found that people spend almost half of their day with a wandering mind; that means focusing on something other than what they’re currently supposed to be doing.

Distractions are detrimental to your productivity, and make it easier to feel overwhelmed by the tasks sitting in front of you. But if you suffer from a lack of focus, don’t lose hope!

I’ve written blog posts about distractions before with practical ways to rid yourself of them, most of which involve putting down your cell phone.  According to the article, The 6-Step Process to Train Your Brain to Focus, there are a few other ways to stay focused — some you may not have thought about before: (more…)