Ministry Monday: The Generosity Gene

Generosity Gene


My legacy is formed by my values. Generosity, for example, is a core value in my life. I want to be remembered as someone who gives with a generous heart. When I am gone, I want people to say, “he gave.” I also believe that if you really think about it, generosity is important to you as well. No one wants to be remembered as someone who was selfish. We don’t want to look back on our lives and realize that we lived with our fists clenched so tightly on money or possessions that we missed opportunities to bless others. Generosity isn’t an inherent trait for many of us, but it is something that can be cultivated. We can all be givers. (more…)

Rest: Finding Fulfillment in your Family


Can you guess one of the key aspects of rest a lot of people steer clear from?

It’s fun!

Fun and family should serve a huge role in your times of rest. If you’re skeptical about that statement, I encourage you to hear me out on this one.

First, fun and family mean different things to different people. One person’s “fun” is not everybody’s sense of the word. What’s considered fun to you and the people you call family? (more…)

Ministry Monday: The Power of Affirmations



What do you say about yourself? As pastors, we spend a lot of time encouraging and leading those entrusted to our care. We speak life over the people around us, but what do we say about ourselves? Are we negative or do we dwell on the positive? Is every day a struggle or do we rejoice in the God-given opportunities to grow?

Is every day a struggle or do we rejoice in the God-given opportunities to grow? Click To Tweet

Craig Groeschel says that our lives move in the direction of our strongest thoughts. What we think and say has power! But this is more than a spiritual truth, it is also psychologically proven. Research shows that what you say about yourself has a direct relationship with your ability to perform. Positive affirmations have the ability to shift your perspective and remind you that you have the ability to succeed. (more…)