Becoming an Invisible Leader: What’s Your Leadership Legacy?

Invisible Leader


When you think about the legacy of your leadership, what do you consider to be success? Is it the size of your church or organization, or the individual lives you impact throughout your life?

NFL legend Tony Dungy once said his success was the result of every leader who invested in his life — from summer camp until the present, well after winning the Super Bowl.

Think about the legacy of their leadership! Tony Dungy has touched so many people’s lives, is a loving husband and father, as well as a respected coach and leader. The ones who invested in him probably didn’t know the reach he would have one day … but he’s now a part of their leadership legacy. And here’s the thing: Most people probably don’t even know them by name!

We all have leaders in our lives that cared enough to invest and help us become better people in life. Quite often, we don’t realize the impact they are having on us until years down the road — and they might not get credit for it. Those leaders, including the ones in Dungy’s life, are what I call invisible leaders.

Do you have a Tony Dungy on your team? And if so, are you willing to be an invisible leader in their life?

If you are interested in having your leadership outlive you, you’re probably ready to become an invisible leader! Here are a few ways to get started:


  • Give without an expectation of return.
  • Decide if you want to be famous or great.
  • Don’t hold too tightly to relationships.
  • Be comfortable being the corner man.
  • Be everybody’s cheerleader.


Over the next few weeks, we’re going to highlight each of the characteristics on this list in detail as we learn what it means to be an invisible leader.

But before we get started, I want to preface our series with this: Becoming an invisible leader is more than just a few steps to take. It’s a lifestyle! And hopefully these action items above help you build the habits you need to have a lasting impact on the people around you.

Becoming an invisible leader is more than just a few steps to take. It’s a lifestyle! Click To Tweet

This is going to be a powerful series full of self-reflection and positive life change. Before we kick off with our first tip next week, why don’t you go ahead and write down a list of invisible leaders in your life. What types of lessons did each one pass on to you?



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