Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors – Part 5: Look Ahead

Look Ahead

We are coming close to the end of our 50-10-01 Productivity Plan breakdown. It’s hard to believe we’ve already covered so many different things! Last week in particular was incredibly important. Taking a few days a month to disconnect and look at the big projects you have on the horizon will make all the difference in how you show up. Set aside two days a month to look ahead and you will be amazed at your ability to perform with excellence. But like I mentioned last week, there are two different types of disconnect days. The first was the two days we spend in the office, working on big events, projects, and tasks at hand. The second type, however, is crucial for you to lead your church and ministry well.

I have always believed the in taking a few days every quarter, out of town and out of the office, to pray and seek God. You cannot lead your church if you do not know (more…)

How a Leader Rests: A Five-Week Series

Leader Rests


How does a leader rest?

Sometimes, it feels like the question is: How can a leader rest?

How can a leader rest when there’s so much to do? When there are so many people counting on them? When their home-life is in a state of chaos?

Rest is essential in leadership for a lot of reasons: (more…)

Super Simple Productivity Plan for Pastors – Part 4: Disconnect



So much of daily ministry duties are maintenance. We need to maintain relationships, maintain our standards of excellence, and get from one service to the next as seamlessly as possible. One of our greatest challenges is looking ahead. Its nearly impossible to think about the future when all you can see is what is in front of you. But I would argue that you cannot perform well in the moment if you don’t know where you’re headed. You cannot fly a plane without a destination in mind or start a trip without knowing where you want to go; in the same way, you cannot lead a ministry without an end goal.

Its nearly impossible to think about the future when all you can see is what is in front of you. Click To Tweet

For this reason, I have created two different ways to clear your mind and focus on the big picture, both of which are what I like to call “disconnect days.” The first disconnect days are about planning, and the second set are focused on casting vision. Without a strategic plan and a healthy vision, your ministry will lose momentum and be unable to grow. You cannot afford to skip this part of the 50-10-01 plan. (more…)

The Five Happiness Habits

Happiness Habits


What makes you happy? Truly happy.

I’m involved in a Mastermind Group for fellow entrepreneurs. One of the members in my group, Robert Mallon — co-founder of The Lion’s Pride, shared something powerful during one of our meetings.

Five habits that lead to a happier lifestyle.

First, let’s talk about why happiness is important in leadership. According to the Harvard Business Review, there is a Happiness Advantage. (more…)