A New Generation: 7 Benefits of Working with Young Leaders

young leaders


I love talking to young leaders. With the exception of myself, my entire team is in their 20s. I coach millennials and spend time with young leaders that have a perspective that is completely different than my own. I enjoy these relationships because not only am I able to share my experience and wisdom, they are also able to share their innovative ideas and creative energy. I am a better leader because of the time I have spent with these young people. I truly believe that the greatest work flows out of diversity. The strongest and most effective teams I work with are those that include a variety of people. The marriage of the energy of young leaders and the wisdom of seasoned leaders creates a special environment. It’s an incredible thing.

I truly believe that the greatest work flows out of diversity. Click To Tweet

If the age range on your team is not diverse, bringing young people into the mix can be challenging. There are inevitable growing pains that come from making that kind of shift. But let me encourage you, the age of your team will have a direct impact on the atmosphere of your organization.  Organizations and teams that are young are able to innovate, create, and experiment. They find creative solutions to problems and discover new ways to accomplish goals. If that doesn’t convince you to add a few to your team, here are seven reasons why I love working with young leaders. (more…)

The Tipping Point: Starting a Chain Reaction

tipping point


In any venture, whether it be a sporting event, a relationship, or a new business, it is easy to feel like we are fighting an uphill battle. The climb to success is challenging and difficult, often fraught with obstacles and setbacks. Our determination and will-power in the midst of these challenges are what urge us to press on; they remind us that our battles are worth fighting. These moments of adversity are important; they build character and teach us to work smarter. But although we can understand the necessity of such challenges, no one wants to climb the same mountain forever. Eventually, we need to experience a breakthrough. 

Moments of adversity are important; they build character and teach us to work smarter. Click To Tweet

Malcolm Gladwell calls this breakthrough moment the tipping point. The tipping point is the moment in which the momentum you’ve been building with your hard work and perseverance finally kicks in. It is a single moment, like the falling of the first domino, that sparks a chain reaction. When you’ve reached the tipping point, you are no longer trudging through mud trying to get things done; instead, you are enjoying the benefits of working with a solid foundation. Reaching the tipping point does not mean that you have reached the pinnacle of success; it simply means that you are seeing the initial results from the work you have put in thus far. And after months and months of hard work, reaching the tipping point feels like winning the lottery.  (more…)

Growing Strong: The Power of a Healthy Organization



When we started our ministry, we realized very quickly that it was going to be unlike any experience we had in ministry up until that point. We always said we weren’t afraid of hard work, and this new venture was to be the true test of that statement. We have been challenged, stretched, and amazed by all that has happened since founding Invest Leadership Initiative almost two years ago; it has been the ride of a lifetime. There is one lesson that we needed to learn right out of the gate, however, and that was this: only healthy things grow. No matter how hard we worked or how clear our vision, we knew that we would be unable to move forward if we did not make the health of our team and our organization the greatest priority. 

It was true for us and it is true for you: if you want to experience growth, you must first invest in health. Vision, commitment, and your work ethic are all incredibly important; they will keep you going on days when you feel stuck. But at some point, you will need to build enough momentum to carry you to the next level. Momentum is not built by sheer force of will; momentum is built when your team, projects, and organization are healthy enough to sustain themselves. Your leadership should add to the health of your team, not define it. The health of a team is not built on any single member. Instead, it flows out of community and trust.